Hip Hop Classes with Chris Shaw

Are you interested in learning the newest dance moves in town? Come visit Chris Shaw’s Hip Hop classes for teen and adult dancers. 

Dancer’s Background: Chris started dancing at age 5 when he first saw Michael Jackson perform. He was fascinated by his movement and coordination and felt a strong desire to understand what he was doing. He remembers wanting to emulate Michael and his passion grew for the art form the more he practiced. Now Chris is pursuing  a career as a dance instructor, actor and model.

Dance Classes Offered: 
Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop classes for ages 13 and up
Emote (emotional dance) classes for ages 13 and up

What to Expect: Chris’s Hip Hop classes are taught workshop style where students lean routines.  Each week he teaches a new routine and encourages his students to listen to music differently and explore different types of movement. His Emote classes are similar but are performed to acoustic or R&B music and encourage storytelling through expressive movement.

 When & Where: Thursdays from 6-7 pm at Moving Forward Dance Studio

YouTube Channel: Chris Flash (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvXsisE7JrdMKoVTl1X2UgA)
Twitter & Instagram: @chrisflashshaw

“Come join us and have fun, let dance be an open window for you to explore.” Chris Shaw

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