Pre-Ballet with Monica Ellison

Do you know a young person interested in learning the basics of Ballet?  If so, bring them over to Moving Forward Studio to participate in Pre-Ballet classes with Monica Ellison. 

Dancer’s Background: Monica took her first Ballet class when she was 3 years old and hated it because she was stuck at a bar and wasn’t encouraged to explore her own movement.  She then moved on to baton twirling and performed in many competitions with live marching bands until the age of 7. Eventually she was reintroduced to Ballet again by a dance instructor teaching at her aunt’s modeling and dance studio.  She began formal Ballet training beginning in 6th grade and attended a performing arts high school.  Monica recently completed the first three levels of the American Ballet National Training Curriculum in New York City and is applying what she learned there with her students in the studio.  She is also the co-owner and director of Alubijon Dance company.

Dance Classes Offered: 
Pre-Ballet for ages 6-10

What to Expect: Monica’s classes expose children to ballet in a welcoming atmosphere and allow students to work on motor skills, correct posture, and discipline. Her classes require alertness and attention and encourages students to explore their bodies through movement in a safe environment. Monica also works with children who are more serious about dance and introduces them to other learning opportunities in the community.  She is a strong believer in collaboration and applying skills learned in class to real world situations.

When & Where: Mondays from 5-6pm at Moving Forward Dance Studio

Facebook: Alubijon Dance (

” If kids are taught ballet at an age appropriate level using a holistic approach, skills in class can be applied anywhere in life.”  Monica Ellison 

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