Creative Movement Classes with Rachel Ard

The Moving Forward Dance Studio has an amazing team of dance instructors providing fun and energetic dance classes throughout the week.  Read on and learn more about our Creative Movement dance instructor, Rachel Ard. 

Dancer’s Background: Rachel grew up doing gymnastics and later found her passion for dance and dance instruction.  Earlier in the year she participated a Zumba class and fell in love with the practice. She has since become a certified Zumba instructor and plans to provide Zumba Classes at the Moving Forward Studio in the near future.

Dance Classes Offered:
Creative Movement Classes for kids 3-12 years old
Zumba for ages 12 and up (Coming Soon!)

What to expect:  Rachel’s classes encourage creative expression and fitness for youth in a safe learning environment. Creative Movement classes allow the students to release however they are feeling through dance.  Some of her routines are choreographed while others are free style where the youth get to form their own dance and movements.  Her classes also teach important life skills such as confidence, independence, and integrity through the interactive medium of dance.

When & Where: Thursdays from 5-6pm at Moving Forward Dance Studio

“It brings me joy to see the children having a great time with creative expression.” Rachel Ard

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