Glass Street Community Space

The Glass Street community space is located at the intersection of North Chamberlain and Glass Street.The space is defined by a 80’ long shade structure made of wood, steel, and canvass and an earthen stage for public performances.

The idea for a new public space on Glass Street was developed through a series of visioning meetings.

With the support of Hefferlin+Kronenberg Architects, local designer Matthew Parks created and tested designs for the space with people from the neighborhood. Is it functional? Is it beautiful? What resources do we need to make this happen? This learning process continued into the construction phase of the project as well. On-site problem-solving was led by local designer Joshua Jorgensen,  Chattanooga-based artist Rondell Crier, and resident Travis Yeagley.

A plaque thanking all those involved was unveiled at a ribbon cutting ceremony with local elected officials and neighborhood association leadership. Now, our neighbors have a new and beautiful space for interaction and enjoyment on Glass Street – built by and for the community.

25 people engaged
$2,600 worth of donated materials
230 hours of volunteered time

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