Glass Street Christmas Party 2013

How do you plan a holiday party with hopes of high attendance and ensure the event is community-owned?

You let the community organize it. On Monday, December 16th Glass House Collective asked the Good Neighbor Network  to organize their neighborhood Christmas party. The night included a visit from Santa, chili, cookies, DIY ornament making and an overall good time between residents, partners, and supporters.

Daniel Crelinc and Gail McKeel provided the Christmas lights and decorations. Their crafty and creative talent filled the room along with families from the neighborhood waiting in line to share their ‘wish list’ with Santa.

Halfway through the evening, Katherine Currin made a surprise announcement inviting all guests to join her outside for the lighting of the first phase of pedestrian lights along Glass Street. The eleven lights started blinking at the same time along with excitement, cheering, and smiles from everyone in attendance.

Over 75 guests attended

Facebook album can be viewed here

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