Community Mural

Can one large community mural change the neighborhood for the better?

It can when it communicates the vision, values and history of its location. On August 16, Glass House Collective hosted a special ceremony to unveil its collaborative community mural, the largest of its kind in Chattanooga.

Professional artists Shaun LaRose and Rondell Crier led interns, students and residents over a three month time frame to create the larger than life composition, which spans the side of an old bank building at the intersection of Glass Street and North Chamberlain.

Besides adding visual interest, the mural has energized and inspired locals, who regularly stopped by during its creation to give positive feedback. Ultimately, project collaborators hope it will encourage even greater interest and investment in the Glass Street area.

The artists solicited community input to develop the theme of faith, hope, love and empowerment. The mural’s movement and fluidity represents passing those values from one generation to the next. Taking just two months to complete, the mural is a lasting symbol of how collaboration can help paint a new picture for Glass Street. 


2 local artists completed the project, Shaun LaRose and Rondell Crier
2 artist interns, Emma Flynn and Miles Freeman
3 artist assistants to the lead artist and interns
12 students from CCS worked over the summer on prepping the wall
4 Glass Street teens worked alongside Rondell in creating the mural
55 paint brushes
250 gallons of paint


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