Rise Up Chattanooga

Can a public art project reach people beyond the traditional “art world”? Rise Up Chattanooga is a public art project by Virginia-based artist Charlie Brouwer. 452 ladders borrowed from families, schools, businesses, churches, and organizations from all over the Chattanooga community were joined together with heavy-duty cable ties to form a temporary sculpture on the grounds of Glass House Collective. Each ladder represents the hopes and dreams of its lender. Connected, the ladders represent the community supporting each other as they rise together. Artist Brouwer says that a “community exists when each member realizes that their own hopes and dreams depend on, and are tied to everyone else’s.”

In 2002, Brouwer began these ‘Rise Up’ projects as a way to engage a broader audience in a contemporary art experience that involves them in its making. This is his 9th installation made from borrowed ladders.

452 ladders borrowed
244 ladder lenders engaged
1,200 visitors
3 school field trip visits

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