Beats by Seven

Seven, one of our resident artists participating in our Creative Placemaking Program has completed a mural on the billboard next to our building at 2523 Glass Street. Seven brought to life the beauty of an african american women as well sharing the importance of creating your own reality.

The poem surrounding the artwork makes reference to the perspective that life is like a dream and that once this is realized everyone has the power to do or create anything. This poem was written by Seven and shared during a Spoken Word event he hosted through the Urban Artformz Institute.

The World is Yours

Imagine that the world is yours
No! I mean in a real sense….
No glass ceilings nothing but open doors
You can have and experience
Any reality you please
Just by realizing that it is really
All just a dream…
Knowing that the moments you share
Are really moments that have past
We are all somewhere on the outside looking in
Peeking through the looking glass
Wondering if this part of us
That represents this grey mentality,
Will truly awaken to the power
Of our new actuality.

For more of Seven’s work, visit his website or his instagram and twitter profile at @theartistseven.

Thank you to Rondell Crier with Studio Everything (another artist-in-residence on Glass Street) for providing the scaffolding for this project.

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