New City Councilwoman for District 9

We’ve shared our congratulations to Demetrus Coonrad, as she steps into the role of City Councilwoman representing District 9. In her heated run-off with Councilman Yusuf Hakeem, she stuck to her message supporting those hard at work to bring attention and a fair share of resources to all areas of her district. Hakeem has been a supportive partner in acknowledging Glass House Collective’s efforts to recruit needed city attention to improving the infrastructure in support of a healthy, vibrant neighborhood in the areas surrounding Glass Street. While GHC keeps its distance from any direct political involvement, our community hosts Good Neighbor Network meetings, where various City Council candidates did visit and introduce themselves and their platforms to neighbors.


We have been impressed with Demetrus Coonrad’s honesty and direct approach, as she has already supported collective efforts in the neighborhood like our East Chatt Highlight Festival, held on the Boone Heights property where she grew up. She has never shied away from speaking openly about the challenges and mistakes in her past, and the way her past launches her into a present intent on working to better her community. She returned the following day of the festival to welcome concert attendees at the 3rd Annual Gospel on Glass, sponsored by the Tennessee Arts Commission, and presented to share the joy and hope of Gospel music.

She was also supportive of the 2nd Beautification Blitz, lending clean-up and yard work support to local residents and business owners, although she was unable to attend in person. Regular Good Neighbor Network meeting attendees appreciated her visit to address concerns about the need to attract a viable grocery store to Glass Street.


Congratulations also to Anthony Byrd who won the election for District 8. Together these new representatives have the potential to bring new energy and revitalization to their districts.


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