One Giant Sweater for Larry Hines

In October, just in time for Glass Street LIVE, artists Olga de Klein and Rondell Crier teamed up to install Olga’s finished larger-than-life portrait of our very special neighbor, Mr. Larry Hines.


Special finishing touches include a “yarn bomb” style knitted sweater and sliced wood grain walking stick to immortalize those crafted and constantly in use by the subject himself. In his retirement, Mr. Larry enjoys creating unique walking sticks for his trips along trails or just around the neighborhood. He was so pleased to contribute portions of his own creations to add character and authenticity to his larger-than-life portrait.


The portrait is installed in the pocket park at the Chamberlain and Glass intersection, replacing the beloved trolly formerly installed her by the same artistic duo. Building owner, Mike Long approved the installation, and we’re glad for his cooperation with the project. There are plans in the works to add portraits of a few more neighbors to keep Mr. Larry company, and we’re eager to see what beautiful work Olga creates next.


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