Banner Days in Glass Farm

Homeowner pride in Glass Farm is spreading and continuing.

The first house banner installation day was hosted in February by Habitat for Humanity. Our friends and partners, Daniel Gamble and Callie Burkhater, lead a small crew of volunteers on a rainy Saturday morning to start installing banners around Glass Farm. They got as much done as they could in the rain and ended up helping home owners on Taylor Street, Frost St, Wilder Street, Glass Street, Chamberlain Avenue, Wheeler Avenue, and Campbell Street.

You are in for a treat if you haven’t driven around Glass Farm much in the past few weeks! There are now more than two dozen homes around the neighborhood with brand new Glass Farm house banners hanging proudly!

With two more volunteer installation days planned before the end of March, it won’t be long before banners and yard signs will be seen throughout the Glass Farm historic neighborhood.

Gamble said it was exciting to help neighbors celebrate finally being able to hang a banner on the home they’ve worked to improve. “Letting others know how you feel about where you live is important. Everyone was really excited about this part,” he said. Habitat’s home repair program has helped many homeowners in Glass Farm over the years and it was a reunion for the crew to visit again on such a fun occasion.

It is no small thing to celebrate this milestone and successful artist-lead and resident-driven collaboration. We want to stop and remember that this neighborhood pride project began nearly two years ago during conversations that were happening between the Glass Farm Block leaders. Local leader, Janette Richie, and others wanted to find a way to celebrate the residential neighborhood. That conversation got bigger, artists worked with residents on design ideas, and later more residents came out to vote for their favorite design during 2018 Glass Street LIVE! Today, house banners are on homes and more are coming! Thanks to the Lilian Colby Foundation for sponsoring this project and making it a reality.

There are still many more banners to hang and two more installation days planned. If you are a renter or would rather have a yard sign, we will have those available too.

Important Dates:
Saturday, March 23: 2nd volunteer installation day hosted by Habitat For Humanity
For those who have already been contacted by Glass House Collective. Mark your calendar for March 23rd as your banner installation day. We will be back out in force with the Habitat For Humanity crew and volunteers to install as many banners as we can, weather permitting.

Saturday, March 30: 3rd volunteer installation day hosted by Glass House Collective.
Please contact us if you would like to receive a banner and would like to schedule your installation on one of our volunteer days. email: | Via telephone: 423-402-0565

BANNER INSTALL1 BANNER INSTALL2looking good, Glass Farm!

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