Glass House Collective Joins CALEB

This summer Glass House Collective became official new members of CALEB, Chattanooga in Action for Love, Equality, and Benevolence, one of our organizational partners who represents the needs and goals of our community by collectively bringing together different groups who share the same vision for our city and its betterment.

Glass House Collective’s community relations liaison, Lynesha Lake, will be representing GHC during the monthly meetings at the 2nd Missionary Baptist Church on East 3rd Street in the Glenwood neighborhood.

Like our collective, CALEB believes that by being united we are able to affect change and win wins for all people within our city.

The purpose of CALEB is to bring together an institutional coalition of faith-based, labor, and other community organizations in order that their constituents gain a powerful voice in public affairs and issues in the wider community.

Glass House Collective executive director, Teal Thibaud, said she’s encouraged to see this proven community model coming to play a role in Chattanooga, after seeing good results in Nashville with NOAH (Nashville Organized For Action and Hope).

“It’s so important that there are organizations that put people first. There are not enough grassroots organizations in our city right now as it is. It’s also really interesting that CALEB is member driven which can help support accountability and sustain everyone’s commitment,” she said.

In early June, Lynesha attended CALEB’s Issues Conference when members determined where the organization should place its focus, a process Glass House Collective seeks to embrace and implement in their work in Glass Farm.

“They are really doing the work at CALEB and we appreciate it so much,” Thibaud said.

CALEB’s commitment to support working class families also aligns with Glass House. As an active member of CALEB Thibaud hopes Glass House Collective can continue adding a voice along with others to collectively identify issues of concern, work towards an effective resolution, and amplify the power of residents.

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