A moment of transition — and gratitude

In the life of a community, change is the only constant. And as this year changes over into the next, we have an opportunity to look back on just how much has changed in the past decade — and how different things will be in the next.

And that’s precisely why we at Glass House Collective are changing too — we believe for the better. After a decade of working to bring life back to Glass Street and Glass Street back to life through artist-led and community-involved projects, we believe the time has come to transfer our organization to the community it was designed to serve, reflect and engage. To neighbors like you.

You made it possible for the neighborhood to take on a project like Glass Street LIVE and make it unlike anything else happening in Chattanooga. You helped put over half a million dollars of City Hall’s capital dollars into critical infrastructure improvements. You brought a fresh grocery store to the block. You brought together over 75 local artists and 50 partners and engaged thousands of neighbors from within and outside the Glass Farm neighborhood.

And in the coming decade, you’ll do even more.

As for us, our team is changing but our focus will remain on supporting neighbors. Our director, Teal Thibaud, will transition out of her role at the close of this year. And Daniel Gamble, who has experience working in the community with Habitat for Humanity as well as other programs, will step into the role of community liaison. Daniel will come on board in the new year and work with our community Advisory Council and other community members like you to chart the organization’s future. While Glass House Collective is changing, the next chapter in East Chattanooga’s Glass Farm neighborhood has yet to be written, by the community, with the community, for the community.

“I know there is still a lot of potential to be realized and work to be done here, and in so many ways, the vision for what the neighborhood can be is only now taking shape,” says Teal. “I’ve been grateful to be part of some big changes in the life of Glass Street over the past decade, including the many relationships built, changed and strengthened with time.”

Thank you to our community members, leaders, partners, neighbors, friends and family for all the support you’ve given GHC in the past decade — and for all the incredible work still to come. We’re grateful.