When community organizers need a break from the hard and challenging work of driving change in their neighborhood, they take some time off from that and plan a MayFest to “relax.”

Gail Mitchell said she attended 5 meetings in 5 days for a variety of topics from Area 3, to CBA, Good Neighbor Network, and all on her own time as a volunteer. And there are so many others who also make it a priority to continue to show up for their community even when it feels relentless and real change takes so long.

So to get her mind off of those things for a minute, Gail decided to ask her neighbors to help organize around something fun. They came up with throwing a MayFest as a way to celebrate working together and the small successes along the way.

Gail knows its important for everyone to stay connected when laughing and enjoying life together.

“It’s just one more way of showing up for your community and keeping the energy going and that’s so important,” Gail said, “Plus, how often do we ever see each other laughing and cutting up and just having fun with one another. We usually just see each other at meetings!”

We agree! We are also so excited that we will be attending MayFest as guests. We loved driving by and seeing a new and unexpected sign go up and were so proud to learn about this completely resident lead pop up.

The neighbors found a funder and decided together how to spend the budget. They decided to have live music and some good food. There will be a community walk to kick things off and a free and healthy salad bar with fresh fruit and veggies. Gail said there will also be lots of flowers and streamers and the little block at 2523 Glass Street will be all dolled up for MayFest.  Homemade fliers are being handed out now around the Boyce Station and Glass Farms homes. Healthier Glass Farms, Glass Farm Block Leaders and Building A Better Boyce Station are all partnering with the residents to make it all happen.

Relationships are what it’s all about. Glass House Collective is so proud of our relationship with these rising community leaders who take on their own projects, decide what’s important and get it done again and again. MayFest is another supreme example and we can’t wait to see everyone out there on May 4!

Check out MayFest write-up on chattanoogan.com !
Good Neighbor Network has more event info on their Facebook page here. 

Saturday, May 4
12 noon- Community Walk
1pm-4pm  MayFest
2523 glass street