National Arbor Day on Glass Street

If you drive down Glass Street today, you’ll notice the appearance of something new…trees! For the first time in Glass Street history, residents and visitors can enjoy some greenery.  On the morning of March 8th, over 200 volunteers showed up on Glass Street to help make tree-planting history.  It was an awesome and fulfilling Saturday morning.

One of the most impressive elements of the morning was not just the number of volunteers that showed up but how many student volunteers stepped up to help.  Many of the students were overjoyed to help.  When asked what prompted him to participate in Glass House’s National Arbor Day celebration, Notre Dame High School student, Brad Young, responded, “To help with the community and be a good citizen”.  That same sentiment was felt amongst the rest of the students volunteering.  Student David Hodges also of Notre Dame High School pointed out that his participation meant that he was ‘saving a community’.

The highlight of the day was seeing the volunteers being thanked by a Glass Street resident who was driving down the street.  The smile on the faces of the volunteers who were on the receiving end of the thank you were priceless.  “Trees help a community”, says Kay Fiorello, environmental specialist with Volkswagen.  “The community needs this. This neighborhood has changed so much over the last few years…in a good way,” Fiorello continued.

We believe that allowing countless volunteers to help in planting the trees instills ownership in the process. We couldn’t make history along Glass Street without help  from volunteers and residents. This was made possible because of them.

Facebook photos can be viewed here.

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