Youth Etiquette Dinner

The basic definition of etiquette is “polite behavior”. The Good Neighbor Network (GNN) organized the Youth Etiquette Dinner for the youth of East Chattanooga. The evening was filled with elegance coupled with a five course meal.  The youth were encouraged to come dressed in their Sunday best and ready for a one of a kind experience. The tables were set with the best of fine china along with lessons on how to use proper manners, silverware, along with lessons on which dishes to use at its appropriate time within the course of their meal. The residents and members of Good Neighbor Network wore black and white serving outfits as they shared jobs as event organizers, cooks, coaches, and servers.

The twelve teens enjoyed cheese sticks, French onion soup, bread, salad, green beans, spaghetti with a meatball marinade, cheese cake squares and fruit for their dessert.  Smooth jazz played in the back ground and the youth held conversations among themselves about which fork to use for certain dishes. They were each given a booklet that recapped all of the information they learned that afternoon as well as additional information such as: pleasantry manners, hygiene, how to dress for success and planning a family game night just to name a few.

The Youth Etiquette Dinner targeted youth ages 10 to 17. The Good Neighbor Network thought that the age group was appropriate since  many of the youth from the area are in a  cross roads of pre-teen adolescents and a working young adult. At this age, GNN thought teaching these youth proper behavioral skills can be helpful and used at home, school and life. GNN’s hopes is that this event will leave a lasting impact and impression on the youth in our neighborhood. Overall, the youth were enlightened and the residents of the GNN were given the opportunity to be of service once again for the betterment of the community.

Facebook photo album can be viewed here.

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