Neighborhood Pride Campaign

How can branding foster pride in the neighborhood?



Glass Farm Block Leaders identified a Neighborhood Pride campaign as one of their highest priorities. Their goal was to create a visual celebration of neighborhood distinctiveness that reinforces the Glass Farm’s identity, cohesiveness, and pride of place.


Evidence-based placemaking strategies demonstrate that pride of place is directly linked to self-esteem, neighborhood stewardship, and residential/economic vitality.


Glass House started the project in 2018 by investing in our neighbors. We created contracts with four residents– a renter, homeowner, youth, and business owner.

Each had to distribute surveys that asked:

  • What are you proud of in yourself?
  • What are you proud of in your neighborhood?

We gathered close to 40 surveys. Once that was complete, we compiled all the responses and asked the contracted residents to provide 4-5 photos of the places they felt most proud of. That was compiled into a document to help guide the artistic direction of the Glass Farm Neighborhood brand identity. The graphic designer and copywriter came up with four brand concepts. Residents voted on the winning design at our annual Glass Street LIVE block party. 

We gave out banners and yard signs at the neighborhood Christmas party, and partnered with Habitat for Humanity’s Neighborhood Revitalization Program to help with installation. Now the banners and signs can be seen around Glass Farm, adding to the sense of pride our neighbors feel about the place they call home.


The Glass Farm Block Leaders worked with their community to develop marketing for their homes that would represent the neighborhood. Members from the community were surveyed and played a role in deciding the logo for Glass Farm Neighborhood.


Habitat for Humanity

Glass Farm Block Leaders

Glass Farm Residents

Lillian L Colby Foundation