Studio Everything and Rondell Crier

Can an Artist Studio Become a Shared Public Resource and a Sustainable Method of Change?



Rondell Crier was another participant of the Creative Placemaking program at GHC in 2013. His portfolio includes an array of work in various mediums, and his work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. He has a strong drive to invest in communities through creativity, as well as mentoring and sharing his skills, which is precisely his mission with Studio Everything on Glass Street. Rondell received funding for his program on his own and continued Studio Everything on Glass Street after his initial grant with Glass House Collective.

What Studio Everything and Rondell Crier Did:

The studio was created to be a place where the community, especially the young community, could come and release creative energy through various projects of their own choosing. Participants are encouraged to bring salvaged items and recycle them into a work of art. Rondell Crier acts as a guide for participants, offering inspiration and knowledge about the various tools he keeps in the studio. Participants often opt for long-term projects, and may continue to attend open hours each week to hone their craft and skills.

Workshops and holiday events were also held during Crier’s residency, such as Mother’s Day workshops and Halloween parties for children. Crier’s work and mentorship has directly influenced many of the youth in the area, and he has continued the work by securing grants to keep Studio Everything open.


Studio Everything is a place where anyone can create art out of anything and everything. It’s a place where residents and youth can receive mentorship and advice from a professional artist while gaining experience working with a variety of tools and a variety of people.